Mission Statement

The Dowel Screws endeavour to supply the global market with a safe and easy method for hanging furniture without the regular hassles.


Simple locate the studs behind the wall and install the Dowel Screws at the height desired. Then drill holes as required, into the object being mounted, and simple slide over the Dowel Screws. They can be installed into a multitude of surfaces and mediums including drywall and brick. Dowel Screws come in a variety of diameters and lengths.

Product Description

Dowel Screws provide a simple and effective method to mount a variety of furniture including; mantels, shelving, and a wide varied of mounted wall features. Simple and effective installation can be used by homeowners and professional contractors alike. The Dowel Screw allows for quick, easy and secure solutions for mounting to walls and surfaces.

Intellectual Property Protection

The Dowel Screw is the subject of Patent Pending in the United States & Canada. Other territories are being considered on an as-needed basis.